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Babydolls are at the center of our farm stay. These wonderful sheep are so adaptable that they  are 100% suitable as lawn mowers for your small acreage or on larger orchards and vineyards. Each year we choose you sell some of our flock to ensure our breeding program remains strong. When available also sell starter flocks consisting of a ram, a ewe and a wether. In our opinion a wether makes the perfect addition to any domestic flock.

We also sell Babydolls Rams by themselves for people who wish to cross breed this is extremely versatile meat sheep.

Star & Elle from Roogulli

The wonderful girls have come for a stud near Canberra. NOT for Sale


Black Tag Ram with proven fertility. For SALE $600


Lounging around in the sun.




Star from RooGulli and her 2020 lamb,

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